Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market

One of the big highlights of going to New York was the flea markets. Here I am at the entrance to the Brooklyn Flea market that is held every Saturday at Fort Greene in the schoolyard of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. Most of the vendors from this market then move to Williamsburg on Sunday.

Craig and I arrived mid Saturday morning and although the weather was quite drab and grey, luckily it did not rain. The flea market is also well known for its amazing food from a huge selection of vendors. So, as Craig went straight for the food line-up, I went looking for treasures. And there were many treasures to be found!

John Derian NYC

One of the stores on my must-go-see list while I was in New York was John Derian. Walking into the store was exactly what I imagined it to be. I was completely overwhelmed with the amazing selection of decoupaged paper weights, plates and vases. Luckily, I could take my sweet time and savour it as I made my way through the store. I was in heaven!